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The Story

It all began with 3 siblings who had a tiny dream...  The Abramcyk trio:  Ana, Matt & Jack set out to create a family run, neighborhood spot where anyone & everyone could come eat, drink or just talk over a glass of wine & leave happier than when they entered.  Thus... Tiny's & the Bar Upstairs was born. 

Let's go back to the 1800s...  the origination of the townhouse.  Fast forward to today... the townhouse; now pink & located in the heart of Tribeca is known both nationally & internationally as a NYC gem.  The warmth & charm of Tiny's evolved from the interior design which uses the perfect harmony of the original & restored raw elements: copper, marble, brick, stone and zinc.

Ana, Matt & Jack complement the warm-hearted & artistic spirit of Tiny's.  The sibling dynamic & creativity was the catalyst behind the magic of what Tiny's represents today: The Pink Townhouse with great food & good times that everyone gravitates towards.